Big Brother Day 9 – Rex’s Romance

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Big BrotherRex and Steph are getting closer in the Big Brother house.

The self-styled playboy has been spending a lot of time with the 19-year-old blonde stunner, who faces eviction tonight (13.06.08).

The pair have been snoozing together in the same bed, having intimate late night chats and huddling under blankets on the sofa.

Rex – who has a girlfriend on the outside – told troublemaker Alex off for joking about the rumoured romance.

He said “This might be funny to you, to us on the inside, but it’s not funny on the outside, OK?”

But the pair clashed over cooking last night (12.06.08) when Steph used sugar and cream in her spaghetti Bolognese.

Professional chef Rex said she “wouldn’t listen” when he tried to help.

Beefcake Mario said Steph was cashing in on Rex’s popularity in the house to avoid being evicted.

He said “It’s about winning hearts and minds in here and that’s Rex’s motive. Steph’s hooking on to him hoping to win some credibility.”

Lisa added “I don’t know what game she’s playing. She’s got it in for us, she feels threatened by another couple in the house.

“That’s why she’s being like that with Rex – because she wants to be ‘the couple’.”

Housemates want Mario out.

The moaning muscleman is the majority of the housemates’ favourite to be voted out by the public in tonight’s first eviction (13.06.08).

The revelation came after politics student Luke asked each housemate who they thought faced the boot.

But when Mario – who has previously said his goal was to stay in for at least two weeks – asked Luke the verdict, the 20-year-old told him they thought Steph would go.

Mario asked “Come on, I’ve seen you going round the group. You’re not daft. What does everyone think?”

Luke lied “Quite a few people think Steph will leave.”

But proud Mario – who is also the bookies’ favourite to go at odds of 4-11 – acted like he didn’t care either way.

He said “At the end of the day, I don’t need this. I’m not a wannabe like some people in here.”

Luke, Stephanie and Lisa also face eviction.

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