Big Brother Days 10 & 11 – The Weekend Roundup

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Big Brother Stephanie EvictionStephanie became the first housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Friday night (13.06.08).
The 19-year-old Liverpudlian student looked crestfallen as host Davina McCall read out her name after receiving 43 per cent of the public vote.
Upon hearing the news Steph – who had been up for eviction with fellow housemates Mario, Lisa and Luke after failing a secret wedding task – began hugging everyone goodbye and said: “Can I go now, I just wanna go.”
Mouthy Alexandra, who had previously clashed with the blonde beauty, told
her “You can do this, do it well,” while Jennifer and Kathreya openly sobbed.

Big Brother evictee Stephanie described her fake wedding task with Mario as “horrendous”.
The 19-year-old blonde beauty – who was the first to be voted out of the house last night (13.06.08) – says she found pretending to be in a relationship with the muscle-man very difficult because she didn’t like him.
She told host Davina McCall “That was the most horrendous task because I didn’t get on with Mario. It was awkward. He was 43. I couldn’t sleep in the same bed with him.
“When everyone said why didn’t you kiss him, I felt completely cornered.”
One housemate Steph did get on with was Rex and she admitted she fancied him.
She said “I did fancy him, but he was more my friend… I hope I stay in touch with everyone.”
She also said she was “gutted” to be leaving the house so early.
She revealed ‘It was an amazing experience, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was gutted it was only a week.
“Maybe I should have tried harder with the wedding task. It was weird. It freaked me out.”

Jennifer says Stephanie’s departure from the house is a “waste”.
The part-time model told fellow housemate Sylvia it should have been muscle-man Mario who got the boot as he didn’t care if he stayed or went.
She said “It’s a waste Steph went as she really wanted to stay and would have made the most of it but Mario couldn’t care one way or the other.”
When discussing nominations – which is banned by ‘Big Brother’ – Jennifer told Sylvia what Mario had said, saying:”He told me, ‘Whatever, nominate me, that’s what you’re gonna do.’ ”
Jennifer and Sylvia also believe their fellow housemates are playing games to get people evicted.
Sylvia said: “Dennis and Alex are saying that Rex and Mohamed formed an alliance to get you, me and Alex out.”
Jennifer added: “I’m so upset because I’m being me and I’m not in here to play games. Dennis and Alex aren’t who they pretend to be.”

Mario has admitted pretending to be Stephine’s lover made him “physically sick”.
The muscle-man, 43, hated being paired up with the 19-year-old blonde beauty – who was evicted last night (13.06.08) – and blasted ‘Big Brother’
for giving them the task.
He told Dennis, Luke and real girlfriend Lisa how producers had given him the challenge because they had “privileged information” on him although refused to say what it was.
He also felt sympathy for Steph, adding “I feel sorry for her. It can’t have been nice for her.”
Meanwhile, the bodybuilder believes he and Lisa escaped eviction because he has fan clubs all over the world.
He told Mikey “I know so many people throughout the country, throughout the world. We’re talking fan clubs and everything.”
Dennis and Alexandra also backed up his claims, saying they heard people in the crowd chanting in support of the pair.
Alexandra said “When it was all silent, they screamed out: ‘Go Mario and Lisa.'”

Dennis wants the whole house to be up for eviction next week.
The camp dance student teacher thinks every housemate should face the public vote as he believes that is the fairest way of deciding who goes.
He said “You know what I hope? I hope the whole House goes up for eviction next week so it’s fair.”
“Four people went up and it wasn’t fair because they didn’t get a fair dig at the first week.”
However, not all the housemates were in agreement.
Lisa – who faced eviction this week along with boyfriend Mario, student Luke and Steph, who eventually got voted out – thinks they should be exempt from nominations..
She said: “Oh no. I think the ones that were in it last week should get a week off.”
To which Dennis replied: “Aye, take them off it.”

Mario claims Rex is using his cooking expertise to escape eviction.
The self-dubbed Italian Stallion says the executive chef will try and get all his fellow housemates onside by preparing their meals as he’s worried he could be the next up for the public vote following the eviction of potential love interest Stephanie.
He said “I tell you, he’s cooking to win people’s hearts and minds.
“Lisa can cook, Sylvia can cook, Alex can cook, we can all cook. You don’t get to 43 by relying on someone else, we’re not kids.”
“There’s no fool like an old fool.”
Mario – who was up for eviction along with girlfriend Lisa, Luke and Steph – says he’s pleased it wasn’t Luke who got the boot.
He told Lisa “He is such an innocent boy, he deserves a chance. And I admire him for standing up to his convictions not to swear and drink.”

Darnell branded Mario a “beast” during a heated row on Saturday (14.06.08).
The usually passive albino – who mentors community youth groups in North London – lost his temper with the bodybuilder for muscling in on the house’s musical task.
Mario, 43, told the would-be musicians to stick to the instruments they could play, despite conductor Darnell being given the responsibility of overseeing the group.
Mario said “It’s a task. Do you want to eat rubbish food?”
But songwriter Darnell – who was voted the most musical ‘Big Brother’ housemate – confronted Mario for throwing his weight around.
He said “People are willing to learn something here. You’re running around and it looks like I haven’t got control of the situation.
“The most musical person has to be on the drums. It’s just who has a brain that can carry those kind of things.”
But despite Darnell’s reasoning, randy Mario – who has been suspected of having sex with girlfriend Lisa under the covers twice since Friday’s eviction (13.06.08) – wouldn’t back down, saying he was insulted by the US deportee.
He said “I take offence to that. You need to take that back. You can’t talk about people like that.”
Darnell responded “You’re a beast, man! Why would you make me feel like that? You don’t wanna go to those places with me because you’ll look like a fool. You don’t know the problems I go through.”
The housemates must learn to play ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ as a collective to pass the task.

Mario has vowed to “take the reins” in the Big Brother house.
The muscle-bound moaner – who conducted a cringeworthy health and safety meeting earlier in the week – said he has stood on the sidelines for too long and it was time to take charge.
He said “I could run this place on my head, eyes shut, half asleep. But I’ve chosen to stand back because it’s a game.”
Mario – who said he has his own fan club of thousands – announced he would need to be in control of the next shopping budget to ensure he gets enough calories to exercise.
He said “I want to eat properly. I don’t want to eat chickpeas. If you don’t get your calories you can’t train, and I like training.”
Executive chef Rex – who was born into a successful family of restaurateurs – promised not to buy anymore expensive food.
But Mario insisted on putting girlfriend Lisa forward to cook as she had more “creative” culinary skills than Rex.

Mikey was outraged when a needle was found on the bedroom floor.
The blind housemate was furious when Lisa discovered Sylvia – who previously slammed Mikey for wearing one of her thongs while dressed as a bunny girl – had left the hazardous sewing tool on the luxury bedroom carpet after mending a skirt.
He immediately told molly coddler Mario – who has been prolific in pointing out the health and safety risks in the Big Brother house – of the churchgoer’s absentmindedness.
He said “A needle on the floor, Mario, because Sylvia was doing her skirt over there. I’m going to say to her.”
Mum-of-one Jennifer told Mikey it would have been left there by accident, but it would be worth raising the issue. She offered to approach Sylvia on his behalf.
Mikey said “I would rather you did because I would just end up loosing the rag.”
Mario previously made a fuss when he almost stepped on an earring.

Sylvia has been lying to housemates about being a mother-of-two.
The cheeky churchgoer told fellow housemate Mohamed she has two children named Table and Chair.
She went on to tell a suspicious Luke her kids were called Suzanne and Henry -who were born a year and a day apart – and that their father was called James Foxx.
The English literature and psychology student brought troublemaker Alexandra in on the fib last night (14.06.08).
Sylvia said “Oh, I’m such a liar.”
Luke – who previously tried to deceive housemates into thinking Mario and Steph were a couple to hide the muscleman’s real relationship with Lisa – told Sylvia he didn’t believe she was a mother and persistently tried to trip her up.
He asked “How does your mum feel about being a grandma?”
Sylvia said her mum feels fine about it but added that Luke “shouldn’t try it.”
She said “Let’s stop talking about it now.”

Contestants were ordered to lick crisps Sunday afternoon (15.06.08, 1.10pm).
The hungry housemates – who have to survive on a measly food budget of just £1 per head this week – have been set the task of sorting out 6,250g of the potato snacks into four flavours.
But Big Brother has stated that none of the crisps are to be eaten during the task, which will take place in the garden.
The housemates have been given overalls to perform the task in, which part-time model Jennifer labelled “disgusting”.
She said “They just make us look awful.”
Cookie monster Kathreya – who has previously suggested the house make a silent protest against the lack of food – announced the task would be easy for her because she is “good at licking”.
Songwriter Darnell worried about the amount of crisps they will have to deal with.
Housemates will be given salt ‘n’ vinegar, cheese and onion, Worcester sauce and ready salted crisps to taste.

Dale confessed he had a naked shower last night (14.06.08).
The exhibitionist told fellow ‘Big Brother’ housemates over breakfast this morning (15.06.08) that he decided not to follow the others’ example of wearing swimming costumes in the shower.
Darnell said “No you didn’t!”
Dale insisted he did, much to the amusement of 20-year-old fuddy duddy Luke and trainee teacher Rachel.
Luke said “What next, Dale? What next?”
Mum-of-one and part-time model Jennifer – who accidentally flashed her nipple in front of Dale and Rachel – said she was “too scared” to go in the shower naked.
Motor-mouth Rebecca is the only other housemate to shamelessly strip off when she jumped into the pool wearing only a thong as part of a game of Truth or Dare.
Luke said Sunday morning (15.06.08) “I think I’ve seen every part of your body Bex, except for the sacred part. And I definitely do not want to see that!”
Muscleman Mario also let the cameras catch a cheeky glimpse of his bum during a steamy session under the covers with girlfriend Lisa.

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