Big Brother Day 12 – Love in the Air

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Big BrotherRebecca and Luke were grilled about their budding romance by the other housemates last night (15.06.08).

After Dennis suggested it was obvious the couple had feelings for each other, a mortified Rebecca and Luke rubbished the claims.

Dennis said “There have been signals flying around for a long, long time.”

Student Luke was quick to rebuff the suggestion, claiming “There is no ‘Big Brother’ romance.”

After saying he was not amused by the conversation, Luke assured Sylvia his feelings for Rebecca are strictly platonic.

He said “She’s a great friend and I like to insult her.”

He admitted he is attracted to someone in the house, but refused to reveal the identity of his crush.

A clearly embarrassed Rebecca said “We’re not ever going to be able to talk to each other again.”

However, hopes of a house romance are not totally lost, Jennifer and Dale are still swapping smouldering looks whenever they catch each other’s eyes.

Mario and Michael bitched about Rex last night (15.06.08).

Mikey began the discussion by saying he thought Rex was desperate for attention from the female housemates, with Mario in total agreement.

Muscle-man Mario said “He’s probably waking up with wood every morning. He said he went out with a 16-year-old when he was 22. He’s definitely one to watch.”

The gossiping pair also sniped about Rex’s dominance in the kitchen, with both agreeing it was a tactic to stop the chef being nominated.

Mario said “He knows the way to people’s hearts and minds is through their stomachs.”

Mario then seemed to have a change of heart when he suggested Rex put a lot of effort into life in the house, but Mikey rubbished the claims.

He said  “He’s an arrogant chef, that’s it. He’s obsessed with f***ing sugar”.

The men also discussed dance student teacher Dennis, with Mario again moaning about Dennis’ penchant for dancing in the bedroom.

Michael called Dennis a hypocrite, saying: “He doesn’t want people to talk about each other but he wants to know everything about everyone. He’s too bloody nosy, that’s his problem.”

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