Big Brother Day 13 – Alex v Mohamed

June 17, 2008 by  
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MohamedAlexandra has warned Mohamed her family will be furious about the way he treated her last night.

The hot-headed Croydon housemate – who has been accused of bullying in the house – argued with Mohamed at his cross-dressing birthday party, and has warned him her family will be livid about some of the things he said.

Speaking to Mohamed in the basic bedroom this afternoon, Alex said: “You will have my friends and family in an uproar.”

However, Alex assured Mohamed she doesn’t hold grudges.

During the party – where Alex was the only housemate not to swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex – Mohamed went to the Diary Room to speak to Big Brother.

Big Brother asked him how he felt about Alex, and then mistakenly played his response into the house.

Upon hearing Mohamed’s thoughts on her, Alex said “I’m p***ed off with this s**t. Why is it always me?”

She then confronted Mohamed saying “I don’t expect you to be wearing tights, a bra, and a face full of slap. Some things are going too far. That’s why I said ‘How would your mother feel?’ You know there are some things we shouldn’t be doing.”

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