Coronation Street Teaser

June 18, 2008 by  
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coronationstreet2.jpgThings between Liz and Vernon are getting steadily worse this week, as Vernon tries to get his wife excited about the idea of buying the bar. Unfortunately, it’s obvious that Liz doesn’t feel the same way as he does. She tries to stall by saying that she’s worried about the financial side of things, but the reality is that she wants out of the marriage. What will Vernon say when she tells him the truth?

Meanwhile, the house-swap debacle has become very interesting for Claire. Even though the Lowry painting turned out to be a fake, she’s found some old concert programmes in the loft that have turned out to be worth £7,000. Sally is furious with Kevin for not clearing the loft properly before they left, and angrily tells the Peacocks that they’ve got to leave. But with number 11 still in a terrible state, where will Ashley and Claire go?

Also this week, Liz tells Harry that splitting up with Vernon doesn’t mean she’s available. Michelle offers Becky the barmaid job, unaware of her recent dalliance with Steve. Carla and Tony make Rita an offer she can’t refuse. And Becky and Jason are reunited – much to Roy’s disapproval.

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