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June 18, 2008 by  
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HollyoaksThe town of Hollyoaks has seen its fair share of drama, and this week’s no different. After Max and Steph’s married life came to an abrupt end last week, courtesy of a speeding car dispatching the new groom, Steph is in shock and refuses to take off her wedding dress or leave the flat. Tony is distraught, leaving Jacqui unsure how to act around him, and Niall is inconsolable.

Tina is also the centre of a huge drama, as Niall saves her from being mugged by a desperate Fletch. But when he finds out that Tina has talked about giving up her baby, Niall snaps and pushes her down some steps. The baby is safely delivered, much to Jacqui and Tony’s joy, but Tina ends up languishing in a coma with Dominic praying for her to awaken.

Elsewhere, Kris and Elliott meet Leila, an art student who claims to be a domestic goddess. They let her move in – but soon find out that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. Kieron and John Paul decide to leave Hollyoaks but are stopped in their tracks by the news about Tina. Nige continues to wear Sasha down. Justin refuses to help Nancy win custody of Charlie. And there’s tragic news for Dom and Tina.

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