Neighbours Teaser June 18, 2008

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NeighboursFrazer and Rosie receive some devastating news this week when the doctor fails to find their baby’s heartbeat and announces that Rosie’s going through a ‘false pregnancy’ – and things only get worse when they get home to find themselves in the midst of a surprise baby shower. Despite the bad news, Rosie is convinced that the doctor is mistaken – will she come to accept the diagnosis?

Rosie finds some support in the form of Sam, who impresses Dan as he sees how strong she is being for her. Having asked Sam not to leave Erinsborough, Dan starts to wonder if having her around could mean that their marriage could be salvaged. But will his happiness come at the expense of Libby’s?

Also this week, Riley’s confidence takes a battering when a figure from his past shows up. Rachel and Susan must confront their problems again. Steph and Oliver team up to block Frazer and Marco’s application for a liquor licence. And Steve realises that his unresolved feelings about his father are causing problems with Miranda.

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