Big Brother Day 16 – Rebecca Goes to Jail

June 20, 2008 by  
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RebeccaRebecca became the first housemate to go to the Big Brother jail last night.

The contestants ordered ten of Big Brother’s mystery tokens with their shopping this week, and were delighted when they were all delivered along with the food.

Bex grabbed an envelope containing one of the mystery prizes, but was distraught when she opened it and found a note telling her to go directly to jail.

She said “Oh my God, Big Brother, please don’t let me miss the party.”

Once in the jail, she started hitting the walls and screaming: “Oh, why did I open it?”

Attempting to cheer her up, Michael said “It is a shame because you wanted to party more than anybody. I’m sure we’re allowed to feed you titbits. Even prisoners are allowed food. It’ll be fine.”

For the other mystery tokens the group received a large cookie, a crocodile lilo, a horse toy, some music tokens and a camera.

Bex was released from prison after three hours.

The jail token is not the only nasty surprise the housemates will be getting with this week’s shopping.

Big Brother has not told them they overspent by £105.76 and so will not receive all their shopping.

Among the items which will not be delivered are toilet roll and deodorant.

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