Big Brother Day 19 – Darnell To Sing at Kat’s Wedding?

June 23, 2008 by  
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KathreyaKathreya is worried Darnell won’t sing at her wedding because he will be “too famous”.

The bubbly Thai masseuse – who is set to marry her fiance of four years in 2009 – feared US songwriter Darnell wouldn’t want to do it because he will have a busy singing career.

But albino Darnell took offence to cookie monster Kat’s comment, saying it was silly to think he would abandon his friend for a showbiz lifestyle.

He said “Just because you’re a star that doesn’t mean you can’t do things for your friends. You still have to have friendships otherwise life is going to get boring.”

But cheeky Kat said she still didn’t believe Darnell.

She added “I don’t know about that…”

Darnell previously wowed his fellow housemates with a song he wrote about Kat’s biscuit eating called ‘Cookie Love’.

He also almost brought mother-of-one Jennifer to tears with his beautiful singing voice.

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