Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 17

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Big BrotherJennifer became irate during a conversation with Luke on Saturday morning because she was fed up with people speculating about her relationship with Dale.
She said “Everyone is under the assumption that Dale and I must be together. It’s starting to really wind me up.”

Luke replied “You’ve not done anything to ensemble the relationship. You’ve never kissed him.”

A shocked Jen retorted: “Of course I haven’t!”

Later in the morning, Sylvia and Jennifer bitched about the male housemates this morning. The twosome started their discussion by chatting about newcomer Stuart before moving on to complain about how the other men in the house perceive them.
Jen broached the subject of Stuart, saying: “He probably thinks we’re all boring old people who go around and do nothing.”

Disagreeing, Sylvia said “I dunno, when we were here it was fun, fun, fun.”

Jen replied “When we first came it was.”

Darnell, Mohamed and Dale discussed former contestant Alexandra with Stuart. The four men also explained what living in the Big Brother house is like to the newcomer, and revealed the huge impact it has had on them.

After Stuart asked the boys if the house had clocks, Darnell replied “This house is so paranoid that at one point we didn’t believe they were telling us the real time.”

Stuart then brought up Alex – who he replaced after Channel 4 bosses asked her to leave on Wednesday – saying: “It must have been bad to get booted out after two weeks.”

Mohamed replied “I think she was expecting it. She must have been.”

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