Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 18

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Big BrotherLuke and Rebecca want to be television presenters. The pair said they would work well as a double act during a conversation with fellow Big Brother housemates on Sunday morning. But the bickering twosome – whom housemates constantly tease by saying they would make a good couple – concluded that Rebecca would not be the best choice of wife to further 20-year-old Luke’s political career. The part-time wrestling referee said he would need a “respectable” spouse to make him look good to his constituents. Stuart said: “That’s Bex out of the question then.”

Mario wants Big Brother to catch housemates “with their pants down”. The Widnes fitness freak told close pal Mikey on Sunday morning that he would like to see a task set when the house is least expecting it. He said: “If Big Brother pulled a task at three in the morning I wouldn’t be bothered. I reckon that’s what they should do – catch us with our pants down.”

In a controversial move, Sylvia told Mikey he is “lucky” to be blind. The comment came on Sunday morning after part-time model Jennifer complained about the lights causing her instant headaches in the morning. She said “They hit you right in the corneas.”
But when cross dressing Mikey – who lost his sight completely after an operation 10 years ago – said he didn’t have that problem, Sylvia told him he was “lucky”.

This led to Mikey labelling Sylvia ‘the new Alexandra’. The two have clashed on a number of occasions. Mikey said Sylvia is trying to become the new “alpha female” after domineering Alex was booted out of the Big Brother house on Wednesday.

He told Luke “She’s bossing Becky about and she bosses you. I think she’s dead shallow and selfish. I don’t like her. Actually, she’s one of the only people in the house who I don’t like.”

Luke agreed “She’s leading the pack.”

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