Big Brother Day 20 – Big Bro Negotiates

June 24, 2008 by  
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Big BrotherBig Brother offered to release Rex and Mohamed in exchange for one token this afternoon.

But the housemates’ dilemma was over quickly when they decided to leave the jailbirds in the outdoor cage.

Luke said “They get food and drink sent to them – it’s like a hotel. Setting bail at one token – it’s an absolute rip off!”

Mario suggested the pair might be let out in a few hours anyway.

Super-rich Rex later blasted Mohamed for shouting “keep the token” before the group had made their decision, saying it would have been a prime opportunity to see what the other contestants thought of them.

Mohamed later grumbled about the lack of visits from the other housemates.

He said “They haven’t even come out. If they had minds of their own they would have come outside and made a group decision. They made a group decision without us.”

Rex added: “People prefer hot water to me and you.”

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