Big Brother Day 20 – Stuart Has His Nails Painted

June 24, 2008 by  
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STuartStuart had his fingernails painted black this afternoon.

The manly housemate let Rebecca loose on his hands for a manicure session, but part-time model Jennifer was not sure about lending him her designer varnish.

She said “I don’t think Stu is good enough for Chanel.”

Luke refused a similar treatment from sexy student Sylvia and revealed his ravaged nails from years of biting.

He said “See my nails? There’s no feeling there now. It’s literally from a decade of biting them. People think they look painful but there really is no feeling there.”

Jennifer said “They do look really, really bad.”

Sexy Jennifer – who said she was “nothing without her eyelashes” – said she once spent £13 on nail varnish, but usually goes for the 99p variety.

Luke backed up Stuart’s comments from yesterday, saying she will be a sex symbol and will be wanted by Zoo and Nuts magazines.

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