Big Brother Day 20 – Sylvia calls Stuart a Troublemaker

June 24, 2008 by  
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StuartSylvia branded Stuart a “troublemaker” this afternoon.

The flirty Christian has turned on the dishy dad-of-one after he told her he wasn’t interested in her.

Loud-mouthed Sylvia- who is up for eviction alongside Mohamed this week – told Jennifer how Stuart has been complaining about the house during a bedtime chat last night.

She said “He was saying ‘Oh my god, this house, this house!’ It’s not this house, it’s you!”

The Sierra Leone-born student agreed with Jennifer’s comment that he is “stirring the pot” because “that’s what he does”.

She added “He’d better not start trouble with me. He makes everything a big deal.”

Earlier this morning, Jennifer was getting annoyed with the group for gossiping about Sylvia’s feelings for Stuart.

She said “It’s getting old, it’s getting really boring.”

Sylvia told housemates she wasn’t upset about Stuart and that she doesn’t fancy him.

She added “I wasn’t crying about him. I was crying about my boyfriend.”

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