Big Brother Day 21 – Rebecca Risks Jail

June 25, 2008 by  
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Rebecca said she would still open a mystery envelope, despite getting sent to jail last time.

She said she would still be prepared to take the risk in case there was a cash prize in it.

Last week, Rebecca opened the mystery envelope – which Big Brother had placed in the store room – and was sent directly to the creepy cage.

She said “It could be an envelope saying that you’ve won £50,000 this week.”

Close pal Luke asked the excitable housemate what she would do if she got sent to the prison again.

She replied “I’d scream the place down and go in a mood, but I’d still open it.”

She also revealed how she would happily leave the house if she was offered £100,000.

She added “I’ve never had £1,000, let alone £100,000.”

Rebecca went on to tell fellow contestants what she would buy with that kind of money, including new hair extensions, make-up, clothes and a pet chihuahua.

Luke said “It’d be dead within a week.”

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