Big Brother Day 21 – Rex Saves The Day

June 25, 2008 by  
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RexRex stood in for Rachel as a dancer after she injured herself.

Professional chef Rex practised the routine for this week’s shopping task – a recreation of OK Go’s music video for ‘Here It Goes Again’ which involves dancing between a set of eight treadmills – until late last night.

Rachel was disappointed she couldn’t continue with the task after hurting her finger, but said she wouldn’t argue with Big Brother‘s decision.

She said “I’m gutted, I really am. I’m gutted because I really enjoyed it and if I had my way I would be doing it, but I’m not going to argue.”

Meanwhile, motor-mouth Rebecca was upset the group didn’t pick her to participate in the challenge, saying it was because she was overweight.

She said “I know I could do it but others don’t. It’s probably because I’m bigger. I feel like people are doubting me.”

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