Coronation Street Teaser

June 25, 2008 by  
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Coronation StreetThe battle between Tony and Kevin has taken on David and Goliath-like proportions, as Tony continues his relentless quest to buy the garage. After turning his charm on Sally and even getting the business valued without permission, Tony is forced to resort to more underhand measures and decides to use the unwitting Rosie as a pawn in his game. Will she realise what his intentions are.

Elsewhere, it looks like Lloyd’s cover story for Steve’s strange behaviour has made everything even more complicated. He confesses to Steve that Michelle’s expecting a proposal when Steve comes back from Spain and also advises Becky to quit her pub job, but with Michelle spreading her ‘news’ around Weatherfield it seems that the lie has got out of control…

Lloyd has his own problems to deal with as Clarissa becomes ever more demanding. Also this week, Deirdre feels that Ken is focusing more on his upcoming school reunion than on her and Tracey. Dev has a disturbing realisation. And Carla agrees to stand by Tony’s side as he resolves to solve the Kevin Webster problem once and for all.

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