EastEnders Teaser June 25, 2008

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EastEndersPoor Peggy. If it’s not one member of her unruly family causing trouble it’s another. This week, the no-nonsense Walford matriarch takes matters into her own hands and decides to take Ronnie to Dorset in search of Roxy, who’s fled Albert Square to get away from the psychotic Sean. Unfortunately, the trip doesn’t go as smoothly as Peggy had hoped, as she finds getting through to her niece more difficult than she had expected.

Back in Walford, Peggy’s family woes continue as troublesome offspring Phil decides to cut loose. When he wakes up with a nasty bruise to the head, could this be a sign that he should calm down a bit?

Also this week, Suzy is impressed by the Vic and comes to the conclusion that Phil’s rolling in it. What will she do when she finds out the truth? Ronnie has a bitter confrontation. And Sean’s temper flares as he tries to find out where Roxy is.

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