Emmerdale Teaser

June 25, 2008 by  
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EmmerdaleA new face appears in Emmerdale this week in the form of Anna, Donald’s estranged daughter. Carl is shocked to find out the newcomer’s identity, especially when he realises that she may pose a threat to his new appointment as managing director of the De Souza empire. Anna tells Donald that Carl can’t be trusted, and advises him to turn the business over to her instead. Will she manage to shake her father’s faith in Carl?

There’s more underhand activity going on courtesy of Katie, who is working hard to swindle Gray. She takes control of her Caesarean date, blocks Gray from receiving further correspondence from the hospital and squeezes money out of Gray by spinning a sob story about her mum’s financial troubles – but how much longer can she keep this up?

Elsewhere this week, Marlon is happy to return to his old job after his fall from grace. A misunderstanding causes Gennie to believe that Eli’s asked her out on a date. Jasmine and Jake become an item – much to Miles’ jealousy. Donna fears that Viv is about to crack.

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