Hollyoaks Teaser June 25, 2008

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HollyoaksThe preparations for Carmel and Calvin’s wedding are well underway, and Carmel is having a great time shopping for a dress with Val. However, her cheerful mood is soon ruined when she gets home to find old flame Alek waiting for her. Shaken by the encounter, Carmel starts acting oddly when she goes to the wedding fair with Calvin and snaps when he asks her what’s up. Is Carmel’s secret affair threatening to derail her wedding?

Meanwhile, recently widowed Steph receives another blow when she is burgled and discovers that Max’s wedding ring has been stolen. Happily, it seems that the thief has had an attack of conscience when the ring mysteriously reappears on Steph’s doorstep. It’s the one bright light in a difficult time, however: the day of Max’s funeral is drawing near. Will Steph have the strength to get through it?

Also this week, Dom and Tina tell Jacqui they need some time alone. Russ is tempted by a mysterious beauty. Leila is convinced that Ravi and Nancy are meant for each other. Sasha’s addiction drags her down into the depths. And Max’s friends and family say their last goodbyes.

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