Big Brother Day 22 – Dennis and Darnell Freed From Jail

June 26, 2008 by  
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DennisDennis and Darnell have been freed from the Big Brother jail.

The ‘convicts’ were released this morning after spending the night in the creepy cage for breaking Big Brother rules.

Camp Scot Dennis was relieved to have been set free and has vowed never to put himself in that position again.

He said “It’s an experience that I’m glad I had to experience, but I wouldn’t say it was that enjoyable.

“Put it this way – I’ll never f***ing ever, ever make a mistake again in here.”

Dennis said the worst part was missing the task, which he had been choreographing until he was thrown in the clink.

He said “The biggest punishment for me was not seeing that video. That was bad. Really, really, really bad.”

Moaner Mario was unusually upbeat about it.

He told Dennis “They’ve done exceptionally well and you have as well.”

Dennis added “I’m just glad we’d done enough work before they took me away.”

Dennis and Darnell claimed they were sentenced for discussing the chaperone process more than a week ago, but Luke claims they were lying and that Big Brother told him they had talked about nominations.

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