Big Brother Day 22 – Gossip

June 26, 2008 by  
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Kathreya and RexKathreya was targeted during Luke’s gossip session this afternoon.

Kat – who is the bookies’ favourite to win the competition – was said to have been eavesdropping on a conversation between eviction nominees Sylvia and Mohamed.

Luke said “I was shocked! She pretended to be asleep so she could listen to their conversation.”

Dennis – who has shared many friendly chats with the Thai masseuse – suggested there was something not quite right with normally bubbly Kat.

He said “I love her and everything, but I think there’s something wrong. Maybe she’s missing home, or upset. There’s something wrong.”

Rebecca was more forthcoming with her feelings towards her fellow housemate.

She said “I think she’s just coming out of herself a bit more. I don’t think she’s happy all the time. Why would she be? When I walked out there this morning Rachel and her were just sitting there going, ‘happy, happy, happy house; happy house, happy house.”

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