Big Brother Day 22 – Jen’s Feelings for Dale

June 26, 2008 by  
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JenniferJennifer said Dale really doesn’t know her.

The yummy mummy dashed dishy Dale’s hopes of romance during a chat in the early hours of this morning.

Jennifer said “I’ve just never, ever in my life ever come across somebody who says things that you do and thinks about things in such a deep way. Women think like that in certain situations. Men don’t go into deep issues – it’s just the surface on things. I’m glad you’ve overanalysed it, because in a way it makes me really, really realise that you just don’t know me.”

Jennifer’s cryptic comments came after the pair had shared goodnight kisses, intimate hugs and a steamy shower.

Later, the part-time model – who has a “heartbroken” husband on the outside – flirted with hunky new housemate Stuart, telling him he has too much in common with her not to be part of a conspiracy.

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