Big Brother Day 22 – Missing Chairs

June 26, 2008 by  
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Big BrotherMysteriously, five chairs were moved in the Big Brother house overnight.

The pieces of furniture were lined up outside the Diary Room when housemates woke this morning, but no one would own up to doing it.

Luke said “Dale and Jen were the last to go to bed at 4.30am – they say the chairs were normal then. Why would somebody put those chairs there? What do they mean?”

Dennis said he spotted the chairs when Big Brother released him from the garden jail to go to the toilet at 6.30am.

He said “I thought you had all had a talent show last night or something.”

The group began to speculate about the meaning of the arranged chairs.

Conspiracy theorist Luke suggested the five chairs were a clue representing five new housemates.

He added “Unless it’s a sign that there’s gonna be a mass eviction.”

But Sylvia thought it was Big Brother trying to make everyone paranoid.

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