Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 24

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Big BrotherHousemates failed yesterday’s token task miserably. The not so green fingered contestants were challenged to create sculptures out of bukus trees in the style of the Tim Burton directed film Edward Scissorhands. Mario and Mikey were excluded from the task after Big Brother had sent them to jail earlier in the evening. Lisa butchered her plant into what was supposed to be an open topped car, but it was reduced to a few twigs by the end of her pruning session. Meanwhile, Rex fashioned his tree into an ice-cream, Mohamed made an egg, Jennifer attempted a Christmas tree while Luke struggled with a question mark. While Dale was trying to trim a replica of the Eiffel Tower, he discovered a birds nest with an egg inside. Rachel and Rebecca took it to the Diary Room for Big Brother to hand over to the RSPCA.

Darnell failed to create a convincing lobster, Kathreya had to change her planned doughnut into a heart shape and Rachel did her best to make a giraffe. Darnell told Stuart his snail looked like an oven glove.

Later, Darnell attacked Rebecca for saying Kat didn’t deserve to win the show.
The US deportee lashed out at the motor-mouth last night for her secret chats about other “boring” housemates.

He said “Today you and Jennifer have totally been talking about how you don’t want to hang out with the ‘boring people’. But some of it is getting catty and personal. Like you saying that Kat basically don’t deserve to win Big Brother.”

Rebecca responded angrily.

She shouted “I’ll say a lot of things in this house but it doesn’t mean you have to take things out of context. You’re one of those people who gets a big spoon and you stir things up and you tell people about it!”

Rex agreed to stay in the ‘Big Brother’ house after threatening to walk out last night. The self-styled playboy told fellow housemates he couldn’t take the bitching, backstabbing and general in the tension in the house anymore and planned to leave.
He said although he didn’t want to go, he didn’t want to stay in the house just to experience fight after fight.

Big Brother took housemates’ sight today in a new task which forces contestants to experience the house from Mikey’s perspective by blindfolding them for three hours. The group was been broken up into pairs so one blindfolded housemate can be led around by the other. After three hours they will swap roles.

Mikey – who was left permanently blind after an operation on his eye went wrong – chose the pairs and will advise them on how to deal with life without vision.

The pairs are:

Mario and Rebecca
Kat and Mohamed
Rex and Jen
Dale and Rachel
Lisa and Stuart
Luke and Darnell

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