Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 24

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Big BrotherFriday night saw Sylvia evicted from the Big Brother house. Sassy Sylv received 90.2%t of the public vote and excited the house to vicious boos – termed “severe, even by Big Brother standards” by Davina McCall – which she admitted “shocked” her.

She said: “I was really shocked at first but I just tried to blank it out. I’m a bit nervous.”

Davina quizzed Sylvia on her feelings for muscley new housemate Stuart, who joined the group last week.

As she watched a series of clips showing her flirting with Stuart, Sylvia was mortified.

However, she said that she wouldn’t change anything about her ‘Big Brother’ experience because throughout she was “just being myself”.

Jennifer upset Kathreya during an early morning disagreement. After Kat began talking about her native Thailand and proudly explained about the country’s royal family and the amount of respect Thai people have for them, Jen said she did not agree with the strictness of the regime in the country.

Although the rest of the Big Brother housemates didn’t notice, Kat was left distraught by Jen’s comments and the two exchanged words.

Also on Saturday morning, Luke and Mikey had a gossip session about Rebecca. Foul-mouthed Mikey began questioning Luke about the sleeping arrangements in the house last night – which saw Darnell switch from the basic to the luxury Big Brother bedroom – and the politics student was quick to reveal some information about buxom Bex.

Luke said “Rebecca got into my bed at one point and lay there for ten minutes.”

An amazed Mikey was quick to ask what happened next.

Luke said Bex was “begging” him to tuck her in.

Later in the morning Big Brother told the contestants to clean the house. Luke collected instructions from the Diary Room which stated the housemates were being given 40 minutes to tidy the house because it was messy.

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