Big Brother Day 57: Eviction Chatter

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big-brother-logo.gifDale thinks Big Brother should make this week’s evictee walk out wearing Mohamed’s underpants.

The cheeky 21-year-old contemplated the idea of the unlucky housemate taking a walk of shame in nothing but a pair of the cheeky Somalian’s dirty grey boxers.

Stuart asked everyone “What are you wearing tomorrow?”

Rex laughed “A f**king bin bag!”

Stuart continued “Wouldn’t it be funny if they took all your clothes and you had to walk out in a bin bag?”

But Dale raised the comedy eviction outfit stakes.

He suggested “Or if you went out in them pants?”

Everyone looked at Mohamed, who notoriously seems to wear the same pair of grey underwear on several occasions.

Rex said “Those have to be the most disgusting pants I’ve ever seen.”

Stuart asked “Have you got loads of pairs or is it the same pair you wear every day?  You had them on last night for the egg fight and you’ve still got them on!”

Mohamed remained sulkily silent.

Luke said he was touched by Dale’s kind words this afternoon.

The 20-year-old fuddy duddy came over all emotional after Dale made a speech telling the housemates why Luke’s virtues will keep him in the house.

Dale said “You’re not going because you’re a unique character in here. And not just in here, because everyone’s unique in their own special way, which is lovely.”

“But I don’t think there’ll be many people like you in the outside world who are a bit odd, but endearing and funny.”

Luke was clearly overcome by the ladies’ man’s gushing compliments.

He said “That’s so touching Dale. Will you say that when I’m being thrown out?”

Dale’s comments came after Luke was unable to give a reason as to why he wouldn’t be evicted tomorrow (01.08.08).

Luke also predicted Dale would be staying, as well as cookie monster Kat.

He said “Dale won’t be going because there are a lot of girls out there who want to see Dale take his top off every single day. And he does.”

“And everyone loves Kat and she’s the clear winner from day one.”

Big Brother Day 57: Rex Causes Trouble

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rex.jpgRex has turned on his friend Mohamed, saying he wants him evicted.

The rich playboy – who has revealed a nasty streak in the past week by bullying fellow housemates – has stabbed the Somalian toy demonstrator in the back and branded him “greedy”.

He said “He’s greedy, he’s lazy and he stinks the place out.”

Earlier, Rex took control of the food order for the whole house and blew nearly all the budget on mystery prizes, ordering just tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

He has so far lied to other housemates about what he wrote on the list, saying they will have plenty to eat, including chocolate.

When Big Brother questioned his motives in the Diary Room, Rex said he did it for a laugh.

Big Brother asked “How do you think your fellow housemates will may react when they find out you have ordered 57 of Big Brother’s ever-changing special prizes?”

Rex replied “It’ll be like a big slap in the face for each housemate and I cannot wait. I just think it’s funny.”

Luke regrets talking about people behind their backs.

The 21-year-old geek fears the public will take offence to his bitchy past and believes he could be facing the boot tomorrow night (01.08.08).

He confided in Dale about his remorse.

He said “At least you say what you think to people’s faces.

“You haven’t patted them on their back, thanked them for cooking tea and then gone into the diary room and slated them.”

Luke was originally up for eviction alongside Dale after Heavenly housemates tactically voted for him following their secret chats in the nomination pod.

But a shock twist saw seven other housemates facing the public vote as punishment for discussing nominations using an easily decipherable football team code.

Later, Sara told Dale she thinks tomorrow’s evictee will meet a frosty reception from the crowd.

She added “Whoever goes tomorrow is going to get booed regardless.

“You wouldn’t want to leave tomorrow.”

Big Brother Day 57: Dale Wants Jen’s Love

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dale.jpgDale fears Jen won’t be interested in him after his profile tape was played in the house.

The ladies’ man – who has been pining for the gorgeous Geordie since she was evicted a month ago – feels the comments he made in the film may have ruined his chances of love.

The video – which was shown to Heavenly housemates Stuart, Rex, Mikey and Mohamed – features Dale saying he would “nail any f***y in the house” and that he “hates kids”, despite Jennifer having a two-year-old.

He told Kat “It was eight months ago when I said those things.”

The 21-year-old hoped the part-time model will be waiting for him outside the house when he is evicted, saying he doesn’t want her to feel she was “just a girl in the house”.

Kat admitted she was worried about this week’s eviction – for which nine housemates are up – saying she fears one of her friends may get the boot.

The pair both believe two housemates will get kicked out.

Rex has blown nearly all the shopping budget on special tokens (12pm).

The rich chef took charge of placing the food order after Big Brother called him to the Diary Room to retrieve the chalk board.

But with complete disregard for fellow housemates, Rex ordered 57 special tokens, leaving just £20 for food.

He said “F**k the budget. I don’t care if people hate me for doing it.”

The tokens can be exchanged for mystery prizes decided by Big Brother.

The playboy – who has been bullying housemates Rachel, Sara and Kat for the last week – told the group he was not allowed to discuss what was on the list.

But Stuart didn’t think the stunt would have the effect desired by the horrible Heavenly housemate.

He said “No one will be annoyed with it, to be honest. The people who you want to be annoyed won’t say anything.

“Kat wouldn’t get cross even if you threw something at her.”

Big Brother Day 57: Failed Task

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big-brother-logo.gifHousemates failed their cops and robbers task yesterday.

The group bodged most aspects of the challenge and will now have to live on basic rations for the next week.

Luke and Lisa were unable to pick out Rex’s girlfriend from a line-up, before Luke put his foot in it by labelling the arrogant chef’s real lover as “common”.

Hell housemates Dale, Darnell and former contestant Maysoon also proved their uselessness by failing to decipher a mathematical code to crack a safe.

And the Big Brother cops correctly identified Dale and Maysoon as the token thieves after the pair tried to distract the Heavenly housemates with claims of a rat in the garden.

Rex was peeved by Big Brother’s decision to punish all housemates despite him correctly guessing the culprits.

He said”I can’t believe it. In order to pass we are meant to get things wrong.”

Mikey added “They really wanted us to be bungling cops.”

Luke was similarly unimpressed by the results of the two-day challenge.

He said “We should be appalled. The entire house has been shafted. We failed every task other than the stake-out. What a disaster!”

Rex has accused Mikey of stealing Lisa’s knickers.

The trouble making chef pointed the finger at the blind radio producer after the former bodybuilder revealed the theft.

The 40-year-old sales rep told fellow housemates two pairs of her underwear – one which was “sexy and expensive” – have gone missing.

But before an investigation could be launched, wealthy playboy Rex was quick to place the blame on Mikey.

He said “I’ve seen you with people’s knickers.”

Mikey was previously slammed by former housemate Sylvia for wearing a pair of her knickers over his bunny suit for Mario’s fake stag do in week one.

Bully Rex also branded Mikey a “superfreak” this week after he pressed him on why he was holding one of Sara’s thongs, despite the comic saying it was clean and given to him by the sexy Australian.

Earlier in the week, Rex told Rachel she is “out of order” for not recognising Mikey as a “perv” because of his disability.

Big Brother Day 57 – Sara & Lisa’s Intimate Moment

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sara.jpegSara licked strawberry sauce off Lisa’s breasts last night.

The hot Australian lapped up the sticky stuff after housemates smeared it all over the former bodybuilder’s enhanced chest.

The sexy session came about after Lisa was dared to down a bottle of BBQ sauce to relieve some of the group’s boredom.

But the 40-year-old sales rep – who was one half of the first ever ‘Big Brother‘ couple before her beefcake partner Mario was evicted – dribbled the condiment all over her boobs.

Her messy eating sparked Rex to demand Sara – who has claimed to be bisexual – to lick it all up.

Unreserved Sara agreed, but only if the BBQ sauce was replaced for a fruit substitute.

Rex accused 20-year-old Luke of being aroused by the saucy scenario while Dale revealed he needed some time alone.

He said: “See you in a second, lads. I’m just going to the toilet.”

Sara added: “Mario’s gonna hate me!”

Big Brother Day 57 – Maysoon Walks Out

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maysoon.jpegMaysoon Shaladi has walked out of the ‘Big Brother‘ house.

The model decided to quit the show at 9pm last night after her homesickness got too much for her.

Big Brother’s attempted to convince the 28-year-old to stay before she said a brief goodbye to her fellow housemates and left through the Diary Room’s side door.

She said: “I’ve had a good month and a really good day today – but it’s in my head to go.

“I am so sorry. This is not something I have just decided to do, I have been thinking about it for days.

“I don’t want any of you to be upset because I am happy that I am going. I want to thank you for making me feel so at home, but it’s just time I went.”

Luke was unfazed by the decision.

He said: “She loves her life outside so she doesn’t need this at all.”

The walk out sparked an epidemic in the house, with Dale, Stuart, Rachel and Luke all expressing a desire to leave.

All four had one-on-one chats with an expert psychiatrist in the Diary Room to persuade them not to go.

Fans who voted for Maysoon to be evicted this week are entitled to a refund.

Big Brother Day 57 – Stuart Thinks He’ll Be Evicted

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stuart.jpgStuart believes he will be evicted this week.

The father-of-one – who was immune from this week’s nominations before Big Brother punished him and eight other housemates for discussing who they want to get the boot – has little faith in his staying power.

He said: “I honestly think I’m going this week.”

He admitted he is missing his daughter and was pleased at the thought of being reunited with the five-year-old in three days time.

Kathreya – who is current bookies’ favourite to win the show – told Stuart everyone wants to stay, but he was adamant he is ready to go.

He added: “People who are in the final miss out on so much. I really want to see the show.”

The personal trainer and property developer also told Rachel he feels she could get the axe alongside him.

He said: “I don’t see why we would be, but we’re two of the quietest people.”

Big Brother Day 57 – Rex’s Harsh Words for Sara

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sara.jpegRex has branded Sara a “dirty little tramp”.

The arrogant chef flicked his poisonous tongue once again as he bad mouthed the sexy Australian while on a ‘stakeout’ in the ‘police car’ with Stuart.

He asked Stuart: “You know what Sara said to me last night? She said, ‘on the first week I got here I really liked you, and then I realised you had a girlfriend.’

“I was like, ‘did you just f***king say that out loud?’

“What the f**k, you dirty little tramp? Get back in your hole, you dirty little badger.”

Stuart was surprised by the revelation.

He said: “My God. So it was real, it wasn’t just nerves then. That was a lucky escape.”

Despite Rex’s disapproval of Sara’s flirting, the self styled playboy has been exposed as a kinky sex addict and is said to have had an affair with a stripper.

Hollyoaks Teaser – July 30, 2008

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hollyoaks2.JPGFrankie cannot believe her eyes when she is confronted with the sight of Jack, who she had believe to be six feet under, and is even more horrified when Darren admits that the body she buried belonged to Kris’s dad. Will she turn Darren and Jack over to the authorities, or will she end up dragged into the whole scam?

Things are also bad for Calvin, who has got himself into serious trouble with Carmel over his lies about buying drugs for her sister. Things get worse when Warren sends him another threatening text, vowing to spill the beans unless Calvin does what Warren tells him to do. The scene is set for a violent confrontation…

Also this week, Michaela searches for love closer to home. An impoverished Ste comes up with a dangerous money-making scheme. Tina gets too close for comfort when she helps out with baby Max. And Newt has a breakthrough.

Coronation Street Teaser July 30th 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgLove rat Steve gets on his high horse this week, informing an irritated Becky that he has more to lose than she does if the truth comes out. Becky responds by inviting Michelle out for the evening, where Michelle ends up reconnecting with an old male friend. Furiously dismissing her claims that there is nothing going on, Steve tells Michelle that if they do not get back together she has to move out. Will Michelle be forced to give Steve a second chance?

Meanwhile, Teresa is still playing the dutiful wife. She rustles up dinner for Jerry and Finlay, slipping one of Jerry’s tablets into his curry, but is horrified when he tries to give some of his food to the boy. Later, Teresa slips more drugs into Jerry’s food – how long will it be before he starts to feel the effects of her secret poisoning?

Also this week, Molly discovers that Auntie Pam has started a pickle business in their kitchen. The war between Tina and David continues to escalate. A frustrated Ken makes a decision which sends his dreams up in smoke. Molly loses her engagement ring. And Gail and Joe enjoy a secret date.

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