Big Brother Day 27 – Dale’s Jealousy

July 1, 2008 by  
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DaleJennifer told Stuart she thinks Dale is jealous of their relationship this morning.

The pretty part-time model was relaying a conversation she had with Dale last night, during which Dale – who has a crush on Jennifer and has previously admitted he doesn’t like it when she spends time with hunky Stuart – joked about the amount of things she has in common with Stuart.

After Stuart complained he might have to stop chatting to her because the situation was getting “proper extreme”, Jennifer said Dale thinks Stuart sometimes says things just to agree with her.

She then revealed Dale told her he wanted her to leave the house before him because he would find it hard to watch her getting close to someone else.

An amazed Stuart said “Does he really think I’m going to try it on?”

Jennifer commented that Dale was so worried he wanted a new housemate to be introduced especially for Stuart.

Stuart retorted “Does he really think I’m trying… seriously? I hardly speak to you!”

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  1. badria says:

    come on who dose jen think she iz she zi nto dat pretty can plz stoping saying part time model wen her huuby lied and she zi ti tiny to be on cos she said she was 5ft 4 so lieing bitch i cant satnd and no one likes her so bugger u and ur samll headpice