Big Brother Day 27 – Jen Threatens to Quit Task

July 1, 2008 by  
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JenniferJennifer is threatening to quit this week’s Big Brother Zoo task.

The part-time model is dressed as a seal for the challenge and has to be doused in fishy water at regular intervals by zookeeper Mario.

In a chat with fellow seal Rebecca this afternoon, Jennifer admitted: “I’m thinking about quitting.”

The two contestants are upset because the whiffy water is making them smell and because they think some of the other housemates have a much easier challenge.

After Jennifer’s revelation, Bex moaned “The wind is wafting the fishy smell towards my nose.”

Earlier, mum-of-one Jennifer said she would give up the task if she discovers she is up for eviction.

She said to Bex “There’s no way I’m encouraging this if I’m up for nomination. Why would I cover myself with stinky water for two days then go home?”

However, the pair did perk up when they started bitching about Kathreya and Rachel.

Jennifer said “Let’s be honest though – walking around in a llama costume? No-one’s going to be interested in that.”

Bex agreed, saying: “At least we’ve got the air time.”

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