Big Brother Day 28 – Jen’s Sure She’s Going

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JenniferJennifer is adamant she will be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday.

The part-time model – who is facing the public vote alongside Rex – told Dale and Rebecca she was expecting to leave last night and blamed her nomination on her straight-talking nature.

She said “I’ll be gone. I told you I would be last week. I stuck up for my friends and my beliefs and people don’t like that. They want robots.”

She also claimed people were jealous of her because the male housemates like her.

She said “Those girls who aren’t threatening in any way are the ones who do well. I can’t help it that Dale and Stu like me.”

Jennifer, Dale, Luke and Bex – who have formed a group in the house and make no secret of their dislike of Mohamed and Rex – were all shocked to hear Jennifer was up for eviction.

As soon as the announcement was made, Bex said: “You ain’t going nowhere. I knew it was going to be one of us, I know who has nominated us.”

Luke was also amazed and later said to Bex “The public have to hate Rex more than Jen. What have Mo and Rex done apart from smoke, drink, laugh and cause problems?”

Dale – who has openly flirted with Jennifer and admitted he has a crush on her – tried to convince Jennifer the public would like her because she has overcome problems in her life.

He said “Britain loves an underdog.”

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  1. badria says:

    i hate that bitch jen she iz so going out of the big brother house get jen out