Big Brother Day 28 – Matchmaker Bex

July 2, 2008 by  
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JenRebecca tried to convince Jennifer to kiss Dale this morning.

During a conversation in the bathroom, Jennifer – who is dressed as a seal for this week’s Big Brother Zoo task while Dale is dressed as a kangaroo – told a delighted Bex that Dale made a move on her the previous evening.

Jennifer said “Do you know what he said to me yesterday? He went ‘Aww, there’s something I wanted to do for ages.’ Then he put his head thing against mine. I was like ‘What are you doing?’ And he said ‘Kissing.’ I was like ‘What do you mean?’ And he said ‘Kangaroos and seals kisses.’ ”

Keen to get all the gory details, Bex – who was lying down on a sofa – sprang up and excitedly asked: “Did you kiss him?!”

Jennifer said she didn’t.

A disappointed Bex said “Aw, Jen. Why didn’t you kiss him? You might as well just give him a bit of a snog. Go on. You just need to. You must fancy him a little bit?”

Jennifer didn’t respond, but Bex refused to take the hint and continued “You fancy Stu though, don’t you?”

Again her questions were met by silence, prompting Bex to say “But you wanna fancy Dale?”

Although she didn’t answer the question, Jennifer did admit ex-housemate Dennis told her to stick with Dale and ignore Stuart because Dale was more “genuine”.

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