EastEnders Teaser July 2, 2008

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EastEndersDawn is struggling with life in the B&B and is not a fan of living on the breadline. Eventually, sick of being skint, she does a U-turn and accepts Jase’s money. Delighted at the prospect of living in luxury again, Dawn wastes no time in throwing a lavish house-warming party… but where is Jase’s money coming from? Could the mystery calls Jase has been taking be a clue?

Money is also on Bianca’s mind, as she becomes concerned at how step-daughter Whitney has suddenly come by some money. Where could this windfall have come from – has the mysterious guardian angel struck again?

Elsewhere in Walford this week, Roxy moves in with the Slaters – but soon realises that is not going to be an easy living arrangement. The fearsome Mo is on the warpath… and Billy is in the firing line. And Jase sneaks out for one last job.

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