Emmerdale Teaser

July 2, 2008 by  
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EmmerdaleNicola sees pound signs in her eyes this week when she finds out that Rodney’s book is attracting quite a following. When a publisher calls, raving about it, Nicola stuns David by claiming full credit for writing the book. To make matters worse, Nicola cites Rodney as a mere ‘inspiration’ and then announces that he’s deceased! Is she about to snatch success out of poor Rodney’s hands?

Viv, meanwhile, is beside herself when she finds out that Freddie may have been sighted. When Bob refuses to consider re-hiring the private investigator, Viv turns to Donna for money. Will Donna give her mum the money to find Freddie and clear her name – or will Viv be forced to resort to even more desperate measures?

Also this week, Jo’s first day at the Woolpack turns into a nightmare when after-work drinks leave her in a drunken mess. How will Andy react? Viv and Bob’s marriage may be on the rocks, while Perdy and Katie might have a shot at rebuilding their friendship. And Pollard’s new arrangement with Terry almost sees the end of the factory.

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