Neighbours Teaser July 2, 2008

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NeighTroubled teen Ringo turns eighteen this week, but he’s not really in the mood for partying. He’s still shaken from last week’s near-drowning, and is also anxious about where he’ll live once Frazer and Rosie leave for Italian shores. Eventually he settles on moving in with Susan and family, much to his mum’s initial chagrin. After Ringo wins Prue round, the neighbours throw him a surprise birthday party – but how long will it remain drama-free?

Frazer is also having trouble with Prue this week, finding it hard to make peace with the woman who still blames him for his brother Paul’s death all those years ago. Frazer doesn’t want this to overshadow the birth of his own child, so decides to cut all ties with Prue and make a fresh start without her. But will he live to regret his decision?

Also this week, Oliver is surprised when Elle asks him to keep quiet about their relationship. Zeke feels intimidated by Taylah’s ex. Rebecca makes an unpleasant discovery. And Frazer and Rosie bid farewell to Ramsay Street.

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