Big Brother Day 29 – Bex and Rex at Loggerheads

July 3, 2008 by  
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BexRebecca and Rex had a furious argument last night.

The row started when Bex decided to drink some of Mohamed’s wine without asking, in retaliation for his decision to use the last of her tobacco earlier in the week.

When Mohamed confronted Bex she started laughing, prompting Rex to wade into the disagreement.

Rex said “Why don’t you get your t**s out Bex, that’ll amuse everyone?”

Angry Bex replied “Why don’t you talk about your f***ing restaurant some more, because we all want to hear about it and that’s why you’re up for a nomination.”

The spat proved too much to handle for Kathreya, who ran off crying.

Bored of Kat’s constant tears, muscley Stuart said “Oh, stop crying.”

Bex echoed his point, shouting “This is pathetic. I’m sorry. That is pathetic!”

It was left to former bodybuilder Lisa to run after Kat and calm her down.

Lisa said “Stop it. You’re getting too carried away. They don’t get on Kat, you can’t make them.”

Although peace was momentarily restored to the house, Bex and Rex rowed again later in the evening.

Bex decided to speak to Rex about the reason they weren’t getting on.

She claimed she was upset because he called her fat and said the comment had “really hurt”.

Rex said it had only been a joke and she should have mentioned how upset she was.

He said “Why didn’t you speak out at the time instead of going into the bathroom and bitching about it?”

An honest Bex replied “I’m a spoilt brat. And when things happen I do get angry.”

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