Big Brother Day 33 – Bex Paranoia

July 7, 2008 by  
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rebecca.jpgBex thinks the public hate her.

The loud-mouthed housemate fears she is disliked by the outside world after believing she heard chants of “get Bex out” while in the garden.

She told Maysoon “I don’t want to be hated. Everyone hates me.”

But none of the other housemates who heard it were able to decipher whose name was being shouted.

Belinda said “It sounded like ‘chuz’ and ‘schuz’.”

A tearful Belinda later told Mario she thought the chant said ‘Rebecca’, but went on to tell Stuart she thought it was his name the public called.

The dishy dad was upset by the news, saying he hoped the whole house goes up for eviction to “put the record straight”.

He said “There are so many bitchy people in this house and I’m not one of them.”

Belinda later felt bad for making Stuart paranoid about how people perceive him.

She told Bex “He’s such a lovely man. I don’t know how the outside world are seeing him. It’s so unfair.”

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