Big Brother Day 33 – Darnell Happy

July 7, 2008 by  
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DarnellDarnell is happy with the Big Brother house now there are three new housemates.

The US deportee said there is a much more comfortable feeling since Sara, Maysoon and Belinda entered on Friday night.

He told Dale: “It feels mint. I feel cool!”

But the talented singer/songwriter also said he was slightly suspicious there could have been a secret task for the housemates to pretend to like him.

He added: “I hope there’s no real bullshit behind it. I’m giddy.”

Darnell – who is current bookies’ favourite to win the reality show – also revealed a connection with sexy Sara because she swears, says ‘dude’ a lot and is clumsy.

He added “I’m pumped. Everything’s good. I look forward to waking up tomorrow.”

But later this morning, the sensitive albino noted the difference in the group dynamic.

He said “There’s a different cool crowd now. For the last few days, Bex and Luke have gone to bed early because no one cares what they have to say.

“It’s completely flipped.”

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