Big Brother Day 34 – Mario Rips into Belinda

July 8, 2008 by  
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mario.jpgMario blasted Belinda this morning, calling her an “intense person”.

The muscleman – who is up for eviction alongside Rebecca this week – laid into the theatre director, criticising her for snoring and her dress sense.

He asked her “Do you take anything for your snoring at home Belinda?”

Belinda – who had just suggested to Sara and Mohamed she should put nasal strips to prevent her snoring on the shopping list – said she didn’t, but suggested it might help if she slept next to someone.

She added “I know that sounds ridiculous.”

But Mario – who snores loudly himself – didn’t see the funny side.

He said “I think that’s unfair on people isn’t it? Pushing yourself on someone. I think it’s a bit unfair to say you want to sleep with someone. If you snore, you’ve got a problem. All you’re doing is moving the problem to someone else.”

The beefcake went on to berate the wacky drama nut about her personality and taste in black clothing.

He said “It’s the way you’ve come in here, you’ve asked for everyone’s life story. You’re just very intense as a person. Some people have said to me they feel uncomfortable. I’m a personal assessor, I’m a personal officer, I’ve been a magistrate, I’ve done it all.”

He added “I’m also intrigued by the clothes you wear. Black is a colour that isn’t flattering. I’m wondering why you’ve chosen a black and white wardrobe – I know you said it was to do with other things – but there’s something about your figure you’re not happy with and you’re trying to hide it a little bit.”

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