Nicole Kidman has her baby and gives it a silly name

July 8, 2008 by  
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nicole-kidman.jpgNicole Kidman and her other half, Keith Urban, have given birth to a baby girl.  Yesterday, the couple welcomed their new addition in Nashville, Tenesse.  Urban was at Kidman’s side when the teeny 6 pound, 7 ounce baby Sheila was born.

And, in true celebrity form, the couple have given their daughter a pretty silly name – Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Indeed, sounding rather like the meal you sit down to at the end of the week may cause problems for little Sunday Roast later in life, who is frankly going to be stuck with jokes revolving around potatoes and gravy for the rest of her days.

I think we can all see what happened here.  Obviously, Kidman was craving a bit of Yorkshire pud on the Sunday but subsequently went into labour, which lasted until Monday.  In a feverish state of hunger all she could think of when the nurse handed her her new daughter was the meal she missed, thus exclaiming “Sunday Roast!” – Lesson: never give birth on an empty stomach.

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