Big Brother Day 35 – Bex Grabs Luke’s You-know-what…

July 9, 2008 by  
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bex-and-luke.JPGRebecca grabbed Luke’s penis last night.

The saucy housemate climbed into bed with the 20-year-old politics student and reached for his hand, but was shocked when she took hold of his manhood.

The buxom kindergarten nurse – who is up for eviction alongside Mario this week – snuggled up to Luke after telling him she may only have a few more days left in the house.

Her unrequited affection was thrown back when Luke told her to “go and spoon Stuart”.

Rebecca replied “Luke, why would I want to spoon with anyone else? I don’t want anyone else, I just want to spoon with you.”

After she moved closer, Bex shouted “what was that?”

Luke replied “What do you think!?”

The other housemates were alerted after Rebecca laughed hysterically until she fell out of bed.

Stuart asked “Was he excited, Bex? You are not living that down now, Luke.”

Luke seemed unfazed.

He told Rebecca “Have a good feel if that’s what you need.”

Rebecca apologised and tried to make it up to the part-time wrestling referee.

She added “Oh my God. Honestly, I thought it was your hand. Luke, are you still my friend?”

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