Big Brother Day 35 – ‘Vital Forces’

July 9, 2008 by  
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belinda.jpegBelinda told Mario and Rebecca they are “vital forces” in the house.

The outspoken theatre director – who has rubbed every one of her fellow housemates up the wrong way by snoring excessively for the past five nights – sang the praises of the two eviction nominees.

She told them “You are both very different people but you are both vital forces.”

She went on to compliment 21-year-old Bex on her crazy antics.

She said “You’re wild and you do push the boundaries.”

Former bodybuilder Lisa agreed with her comments about the kindergarten nurse, but suggested she does takes things a bit too far sometimes.

She said “Bex is amazingly fun, but she does do things that are just a little bit potty.”

Belinda – who was said to have been very flirty with young males during her trial run before entering the house – went on to talk up Mario.

She said “Mario’s 43. 43! People must think he’s 30 or something. He’s protective over people’s welfare and he speaks his mind.”

Bex said Friday’s vote will be a “close call”.

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