EastEnders Teaser

July 10, 2008 by  
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eastenders1.jpgIt’s an eventful week for Bradley, beginning with a day in court to face charges of careless driving. Things get weirder when he finds Claire’s notebook and discovers that his name is in there – circled, with pound signs next to it. What on earth could Claire be up to? And Christian makes Lucy go and see Bradley to offer him her cleaning services, but she’s not happy about it.

Zainab is also having quite a week. When a money-lender comes knocking at the door demanding payment, Zainab is horrified and asks Masood how on earth they are going to come up with the cash. Masood’s answer is not very reassuring: however they do it, they need to find the money by the end of the week…

Elsewhere, Roxy has moved back in, and Ronnie is happier – despite a black eye and the loss of her treasured locket. Claire prepares for the arrival of a mystery caller. Jase makes a secret phone call. And the atmosphere is tense between Max, Tanya, Jack and Ronnie as the ladies demand to know what Max is playing at.

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