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July 10, 2008 by  
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emmerdale1.jpgKatie continues with her plot to keep the baby out of Gray’s hands in this week’s visit to Emmerdale. Jonny is stunned when she reveals that she intends to give Perdy enough money to get away from Gray, who has no idea what Katie is planning. When Paul finds out, he is torn: should he tell Gray? Deciding not to, he keeps quiet – but the suspicious Gray soon realises what is going on. And with Katie due to give birth any minute, will he find her before she can carry out her plan?

Gennie is having quite an eventful week as well, beginning with an attempt to set the attractive locum vet up with Chas. She is then alarmed when her overbearing mother, Brenda, shows up with plans to get Gennie away from the Dingles. And when Jo accidentally hits a sheep on the road, Gennie rushes to the vets’ to get help. With nobody around, she loads up with drugs to save the animal and heads back – only to get arrested with the drugs in her bag…

Also this week, Katie’s actions threaten to cause more than one break-up. Pollard is stunned when the health and safety inspector shuts the factory down. Louise pays Viv a visit. And Sam begins to see Jo as more than just a friend. Are his feelings reciprocated?

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