Hollyoaks Teaser July 10, 2008

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hollyoaks1.JPGThe fallout of Jack’s death is making itself felt this week, with Frankie operating on autopilot and the rest of the family struggling to cope. Steph and Kris are impressed with Frankie’s resolve as she attempts to carry on with life at the pub, but the reality is that she’s falling apart inside. How long can Frankie keep up the pretence that she’s fine?

Meanwhile, Sasha is becoming frustrated at being mollycoddled by her family. To help her stave off the boredom caused by her house arrest, Danny persuades her to take part in a cupcake-baking contest – but it seems that baking isn’t enough to keep Sasha entertained, and it’s not long before she disappears. Will the Valentines track her down before Carmel and Calvin get back from their holiday?

Also this week, John Paul realises how much Keiron has sacrificed to be with him and comes up with a dramatic way of showing his commitment to the relationship. Tina reveals the identity of baby Max’s father. Justin and Ste find their new job isn’t too bad. And Malachy turns up unexpectedly and tells Kris that Eamon is missing.

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