Big Brother Day 38 & 39: The Weekend Round Up

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big-brother-logo.gifMario Marconi became the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday night.
The self-professed “Italian Stallion” – who has never been to Italy in his life – left girlfriend Lisa with the other remaining 13 contestants after receiving 77% of the public vote.
The hulking man-mountain – who was the first to enter the house as part of the show’s first ever couple – buried his head in his hands when host Davina McCall broke the news.
He said “It is quite a shock, isn’t it? But let’s enjoy it.”
He revealed to Davina he would “probably” marry Lisa when she leaves the house and added to the camera “where are my divorce papers?”

Meanwhile Housemates will had to choose a leader to run the Big Brother house on Saturday.
The group will also be split into ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ sections while one divine contestant will manage the group’s shopping and delegate chores.
Whichever housemate is selected will also be immune from next week’s eviction.
The news will come as a blow to self-professed “facilitator of people” Mario who constantly expressed his wish to run the group before he was booted out on Friday.

Lisa says life in the Big Brother house will be easier without Mario.
The former bodybuilder revealed how difficult she found living with her boyfriend – who was evicted last night – during the past five weeks on the reality show.
She told politics student Luke she felt her life will be rosier now she only has to think of herself and that the “pressure is off”.
The 40-year-old sales rep also said the contestants have succeeded in their game to evict the “power couple”.
US songwriter Darnell – who nominated the couple – told Mario and Lisa the only reason Mario was up for eviction was because he was part of a couple.
But “psychic” Lisa defended her beau, saying he had a tough time in the house from day one when he had to pretend to be romantically involved with 19-year-old Stephanie.
She said “His head must be battered.”
Luke was quick to comfort her.
He said “It is not as if he is dead, you will see him again.”

Rebecca believes Hanson fans saved her from eviction last night.
The buxom brunette – who was put under a restraining order by the American pop band after stalking them – is convinced her obsession with the three blond brothers gave her the edge over Mario.
She said “Who would have voted for me? There’s all the people I’ve met from following bands over the years, the Hanson fans.
“There’s the groups, the whole of Coventry, my fans, your fans, Stu’s fans and Dale’s fans.”
Rebecca was also picked up by police when she was found sleeping on a park bench in Disneyland Paris where she had followed boy band V.
The 21-year-old nursery nurse – who has not been shy to run around the house wearing just a thong – confided in love interest Luke about her relief.
The skinny politics student later told the group Bex was on “cloud nine” after avoiding eviction.

Darnell is gutted Rebecca wasn’t evicted because she “despises” him.
The self conscious songwriter confided his disappointment in Big Brother during a Diary Room chat.
He said: “I’m a little bit down as usual because, basically, Rebecca is still here, which means officially there is one person who openly despises me in this house.
“And I can only think that because she has stayed, the public supports her ideas, values, beliefs, whatever, which means that whatever she thinks about me, the public thinks the same way.
“Which really sucks. It’s the one thing I was afraid of. Especially when I think there are some things about her which are just not cool.”
The 26-year-old US deportee also said he heard someone shout his name when Mario walked out last night.
He said “I also think I heard someone shout ‘get Darnell out’. And I’m not the kind of person to say I heard something when I didn’t.”
He added “Other than that, having a great time.”

Davina McCall has branded Mario a “legendary housemate”.
The ‘Big Brother” presenter said although she thinks the moody muscleman – who was evicted last night – was “hideous” to girlfriend Lisa in the past week, he was very entertaining to watch.
She said “He’s just been a legendary housemate. He’s been so entertaining to watch and so different and funny.
“And I can’t wait to see what happens to Lisa. Will she let go more? Will she smile more? Will she be released?”
The bubbly host was also gob-smacked by Mario’s inability to grasp how much he resembles Ricky Gervais’ character David Brent from BBC sitcom ‘The Office’.
She said “Oh my god, he just didn’t get it! I showed him his classic moments as a ‘manager of people’. And he still didn’t get it!”
Davina went on to point out the regretful look on the beefcake’s face when he saw his suspicions about sweet-natured Rachel were unfounded.
She said “Did you see Mario’s face when I told him Rachel really liked him. I think he felt really guilty. Good! Because she did really like him and he hated her.”
Davina also hinted at the responsibilities the new “head of house” will have, saying that some of them “might not be good.”

Saturday: Luke, Darnell and Dale have started campaigning to become head of the Big Brother house.
The three contestants were picked to run for the prestigious position by the rest of the group after Big Brother announced the house would be electing a leader – who will be immune from eviction, order the shopping list, choose when tokens are used and be responsible for tasks – yesterday.
Later, the candidates delivered their election speeches from podiums in the living room.
Dale was first up and was keen to point out he wanted the house to remain a democracy.
He said “Right guys. We’re all a family and we’ve all got to listen to work together, to get individual opinions across. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just because it says there’s a Head of House doesn’t mean anything has to change. It’s a democratic house and it always has been.”
Luke was next, saying “Housemates, friends. I have now evicted the basic budget. This week, we will not – we will not – we will not go back to basics! It’s simple – it’s like two plus two. We should choose the best people for the best Task.”
He then refused to comment on his relationship with busty Rebecca – who he kissed earlier in the week – claiming he was “a politician” when any awkward questions were asked.
Finally, Darnell decided to get the housemates thinking with a hard-hitting speech “The house is in a shambles, straight-up. Halfway since we’ve got here, we’ve had two removals, numerous housemates in tears. It is broke, it does need to be fixed. And as far as back to basics goes, look around. Have you looked in the fridge lately?”

Darnell was elected Head of the Big Brother House.
Big Brother told the three leadership candidates – Luke, Dale and Darnell – to get changed into their election suits on Sunday, before calling all the housemates to the task room to announce the results of the vote (11.44am).
A nervous Luke commented: “Show time, Mikey.”
As they entered the room the delighted contestants – who are surviving on a basic budget of just £1 per day per housemate this week after they failed the Irish dancing shopping task – saw a special presidential banquet had been laid out for them.
An excited Dale said: “The sooner we all sit down, the sooner we can all start eating.”
As the group took their places, Big Brother announced the results of the election.
Dale received three votes and politics student Luke two, leaving Darnell the clear winner after he scooped nine.
As the contestants tucked into the food Big Brother piped celebratory music into the house, prompting the cheery contestants to start dancing and posing.

The Big Brother contestants think new housemate Sara is involved with a secret task.
During a discussion in the bathroom last night, Rex and Kathreya convinced themselves sexy Sara is on a secret mission from Big Brother because they think she has been acting strangely.
Rex said “She obviously knows we know. She looked uncomfortable in the bathroom. I reckon she’ll change when the task is over.”
Meanwhile, Belinda, Bex, Rachel, Sara and Stuart were also swapping conspiracy theories in the living room.
Mild-mannered Rachel said she “didn’t want to think about it” because it makes her paranoid.
Bex then rushed in to see Rex and Kat and asked them if they thought something fishy was going on in the house.
Rex replied “Well we were thinking Sara…”
Before he could complete his sentence, a delighted Bex shrieked “Yes, you think it’s Sara too!”
Later, Rex returned to his favourite subject of Sara but added a new dimension to the gossip surrounding her.
He said “Sara is definitely involved in the secret task. Maysoon has clocked on. She avoids Sara all the day like the plague and then they go to bed together. When they go out for a cigarette they don’t talk to each other, they talk to me. I think they’re a couple.”
Rachel replied she didn’t think the girls were together, but Kat thought it was a possibility.
Rex added “She tries it on with all the boys.”
To which Darnell responded “And she does that sexy dance like your aunty does, it’s so unsexy I’m uncomfortable.”

Rebecca, Stuart and Dale played practical jokes on the rest of the Big Brother housemates last night.
The mischievous trio decided to liven things up a bit by constructing toothpaste bombs and throwing them at the group, but it wasn’t long before they turned on each other.
Bex and Stuart started the fun by attempting to make a sling out of a bra in the garden.
When the contraption failed the pair decided to ask Big Brother for a condom, as they thought it would be more likely to work.
Sensing they were up to no good, Dale decided to get in on the action and asked if either of them had ever made toothpaste bombs.
Delighted by the suggestion, Bex and Stuart let Dale in on their plan.
As the trio went into the bathroom to construct their weapons, eagle-eyed Rex spotted something was afoot.
The chef started knocking on the bathroom door in an attempt to discover what was going on, only for Bex to shout “I’m having a poo, f**k off!”
However, Rex refused to give up so Bex eventually explained what they were doing, saying “We’re going to chuck them at everyone.”
Rex replied “You guys are nuts. If I hadn’t come in here you would have lobbed one at me!”
The trio unashamedly agreed with Rex.
Next, Bex and Stuart covered their faces with scarves before launching the bombs at the unsuspecting housemates.
Once their targets were hit, they decided to turn on each other and Bex was soon plastered in paste.
She said “I knew that would happen!”

Dale wants all the Big Brother contestants to be up for eviction.
The hunky housemates is so worried viewers don’t like him he wants the whole group to face the public vote this week, so he will know if he is the most hated or not.
During a conversation with Luke and Mikey, Dale said: “I hope that the whole house is up because I’d like to know whether I’m the most unpopular person in the house. Obviously if I am I don’t want to stay. I don’t want people to turn on their TV and think, ‘God, I can’t wait to get him out.’ ”
Dale also admitted he thinks he has lost out on the Head of House task – which sees Dale, Luke and Darnell competing to be elected leader of the house by the rest of the group – to Darnell, even though the results are yet to be announced.
He said: “I’m gutted I’ve not got Head, but I reckon Darnell will do a good job.”
Meanwhile, Darnell also revealed he is worried about how the public perceives him.
Confiding in Kathreya, Darnell explained he was nervous people might judge him because he has spent time in prison.
He said: “I don’t mind them wanting me out but it’s the reasons they want me out. It has been a year and a half, but maybe that isn’t long enough to put that stuff in the past. It looks so bad. All I wanted was a second chance.”

Dale joked about his sleep talking this morning.
The trainee teacher told a giggling Rebecca he knew he was talking in his sleep last night but couldn’t stop himself, even though he was aware his chatter was keeping everyone in the basic bedroom awake.
He said: “I was asleep and I was just going, ‘What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?’ ”
Clearly bored of hearing the same word repeated endlessly, Bex cut in saying: “Alright, alright!”
Dale continued: “I even remember being awake and I couldn’t stop it. I heard them say, ‘Are you alright? Go to sleep.’ I said something like, ‘Where’s the remote?’ or ‘What do you think of custard creams?’ Like something proper odd!”
Bex had her own strange nocturnal tale to tell.
Referring to the toothpaste bombs she made with Stuart and Dale last night, she said: “Dale, I woke up in the middle of the night with my nose just snotting with toothpaste. You must have proper shoved it right up my nose!”
Dale replied “I got in those hard to reach places.”

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