Big Brother Day 40: BB House Hell

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darnell.jpgThe Big Brother house was split into Heaven and Hell yesterday.

The contestants were informed they would be splitting in two during a special presidential banquet, where it was announced Darnell had been elected Head of House following his election battle with Dale and Luke.

After being told by Big Brother that “with great power comes great responsibility”, Darnell was tasked with picking six housemates to join him on the Heaven side of the house.

He chose Dale, Rex, Mohamed, Kathreya, Rachel and Maysoon.

Reading instructions from Big Brother, Rex announced only the heavenly housemates were allowed access to the luxury bedroom while only those residing in Hell were able to enter the kitchen.

He read “Housemates from Hell prepare all meals and drinks, other than water, for the house as a whole. Any attempts to cross the divide will be punished severely.”

Lisa promised to take care of her side of the house, saying they would be “spoilt”.

A belligerent Rebecca added “We’re got the best group anyway!”

However, Mikey was not so optimistic about the twist.

As the group emerged from the meal to discover the house had been split in two using a plastic divide, he commented “Well, we all know who Darnell’s friends are now don’t we?”

The Heaven housemates were more excited, with Darnell in raptures when he noticed they had cold, filtered tap water to drink.

Rex was less impressed, saying “It would be better if it was a beer tap.”

The heavenly housemates were treated to a party last night.

After forcing Head of House Darnell to split the contestants into two groups – one which would live on the Heaven side of the house and one which would reside in Hell – earlier yesterday, Big Brother later told him those in Heaven would be receiving a special celebration.

Darnell was ecstatic when he was informed his group – Rex, Mohamed, Dale, Kathreya, Rachel and Maysoon – would be receiving angel outfits, party food and alcohol, especially as the contestants have been surviving on a basic budget of just £1 per person per day having failed last week’s shopping task.

Those living in Hell were forced to look on in envy as their housemates enjoyed the soiree.

As Darnell ran to tell those in heaven about the party, Luke – who is living in Hell – lay on his bed and said: “Shut the door Mikey, I don’t want to be associated with those angels.”

Mikey replied “I just knew Darnell would do that, I knew he would choose them, his cronies. All we’ve done is swap bedrooms.”

Rebecca joined in the moan, saying “Well I hope they have fun with those boring people. If I’m not in Heaven next week then I’m going to go mad.”

Later, while watching those in Heaven tucking into prawns, sushi, chicken wings and sandwiches, Luke muttered “Don’t choke on your sushi. You won’t believe the hate I’m feeling right now.”

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