Big Brother Day 40: Bex Ponders Eviction

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rebecca.jpgBex thinks there will be a surprise eviction tonight.

The busty nursery nurse became convinced one of the Big Brother housemates would be heading home after she heard noises similar to those the contestants hear on Fridays when the eviction stage is being set up.

She told hunky Stuart she had heard “barriers being scrapped” while she was in the garden.

Referring to the divide in the house – which sees one group of contestants living in Heaven and one in Hell – she added “One of us is going tonight. One of us from Hell is going.”

Bex also relayed the news to Luke and Lisa, who weren’t convinced.

Lisa commented “It’s too exciting, them splitting the house up. They’re not going to get rid of someone already.”

Luke agreed, adding anyone who had voted for Bex to stay last week – when she was up for eviction along with Mario – would be “outraged” if she left today.

However, Bex couldn’t be swayed and later told Belinda she had heard the “exact noise” the group hear every Friday.

The housemates in Hell were told they must earn the right to nominate this morning (11.36am).

Head of the Big Brother house Darnell – who is living in the Heaven portion of the house along with Rex, Maysoon, Kathreya, Rachel, Mohamed and Dale while the rest reside in Hell – was called to the Diary Room and emerged clutching a set of instructions from Big Brother.

Seeing how excited Dale was he motioned towards the group living in Hell and muttered “It’s not for none of us. It’s only for them.”

As the housemates all listened attentively, Darnell explained those on the Hell side of the house would only be allowed to nominate this week if they peeled all the potatoes waiting for them in the garden.

Former bouncer Lisa – who is among those living in Hell – burst into applause at the news.

The contestants in Hell made their way into the garden, where they were confronted by a mountain of spuds.

As the peeling commenced, some of the heavenly housemates decided to spur the others on.

As Rex tried to encourage them, Rebecca snapped “Yeah, that’s it, come and laugh.”

Mikey was also less than impressed, saying “Rex, we’re doing the task, not you. This doesn’t really involve you.”

Irritated Bex added:”Bye! Can you not stand there please? You go and drink your luxury water. We’ll sit and peel potatoes to get the right to nominate. My arm hurts already.”

Rex walked to the smoking area, put his feet up and declared “Oh, it’s a hard life over here. Mo, are you gonna go for a swim?”

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