Big Brother Day 40: Cake Brings Trouble

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The heavenly housemates gossiped about Luke and Rebecca last night.

Chef Rex – who is living on the Heaven side of the Big Brother house alongside Dale, Mohamed, Darnell, Kathreya, Rachel and Maysoon – started the discussion by quizzing model Maysoon about the duo.

While Rex usually sleeps in the basic bedroom, Maysoon sleeps in the luxury one alongside the amorous pair – who shared a passionate kiss last week – so Rex was keen to pump her for information.

He said “What’s it like sleeping with them two in there? Funny?”

Not giving quite the answer Rex had hoped for, Maysoon replied “Rebecca’s always falling off the bed.”

Determined to get all the gory details, Rex asked “Why?”

Maysoon responded “I don’t know. I don’t know what her and Luke are doing.”

Cheeky Rex queried “Is she too cylindrical?”

Sensible Maysoon said “No, I think her and Luke – I don’t know what they get up to, but she’s usually screaming and then she falls off.”

Bored with the gossiping, Dale turned the conversation to the upcoming nominations.

He said “What does everybody think about tomorrow? Normal or…?”

Rex said “No, I reckon it’ll be split, so you have to decide someone from here and someone from there.”

Dale, who had clearly spent some time pondering the possibilities, replied “I hope that it’ll be two from each side, and two people go. We’ve got to pick two people from Hell, and the people from Hell have to pick two people from Heaven.”

Rebecca and Dale argued about cake last night.

While the housemates on the Heaven side of the Big Brother house – Dale, Rex, Darnell, Mohamed, Maysoon, Kathreya and Rachel – enjoyed a party complete with a mountain of food and alcohol, those on the Hell side had to make do with basic rations.

In an attempt to cheer up the rest of the group in Hell, Lisa decided to bake a cake.

Dale spotted the former body builder taking the cake out of the oven and asked if he could have a piece even though he had just enjoyed the angel-themed celebratory bash, much to the annoyance of Bex.

When Dale asked if he could have some of the treat, Bex snapped “No you’re getting nothing. Look at all that food you’ve got there!”

Dale replied “Sharing is caring.”

As Lisa offered hunky Dale some cake, an irate Luke waded into the row.

He said “You’re joking Dale, you’ve got all that food.”

Dale proceeded to anger Bex further by telling her not to be selfish.

Furious, Bex screamed “They’re not having any, I’ll put it on the floor. It’s f***ing out of order!”

However, once the housemates in Hell sampled Lisa’s attempt at baking they soon quietened down.

After nibbling the cake, Luke said “I’m no food critic but that’s atrocious.”

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