Big Brother Day 41: Costumes Cause A Stir

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big-brother-logo.gifThe Big Brother housemates received their costumes for the French-themed shopping task this afternoon (1.35pm).

For the challenge, the people living in the Hell side of the house – Belinda, Rebecca, Lisa, Luke, Sara, Stuart and Mikey – have 30 hours to cycle over 1,000km.

The group must wear lycra outfits and cycling helmets.

Luke and Bex were both unimpressed by the costumes, with Luke moaning his was “chaffing” his legs and Bex complaining her top smelt.

Kathreya – who is completing a food related challenge alongside Rex – was much happier with her outfit.

Decked out in a beret with a string of onions around her neck, she termed the outfit “cool”.

Rachel – who will be learning the art of mime with Maysoon – was given a black and white striped top to wear, much to the annoyance of Bex.

The busty nursery nurse exclaimed “Look at the mime costumes!”

Mohamed – who will be completing a wine tasting task with Dale – received a beret, a red jacket a neck scarf and a fake moustache.

Head of House Darnell – who had to place each of the heavenly housemates in the task he thought they were most suited to as part of his role as leader – must wear a French policeman’s uniform.

Originally, he picked Maysoon to complete the wine tasking even though she cannot drink alcohol. She has been allowed to swap positions with Dale.

Explaining his choice, Darnell said “All I had to go on was, ‘two housemates will be tested on the sensitivity of their palates.’ ”

The Hell housemates think they will fail this week’s shopping task.

The group – Lisa, Belinda, Stuart, Luke, Rebecca, Mikey and Sara – have 30 hours to cycle 1,040km, but they are concerned the challenge is too tough for them to compete.

As first the team were excited about it, especially when they saw the newly decorated task room (2.38pm).

Sara exclaimed “This is so cool!”

Lisa joked “You won’t be saying that in the early hours of the morning.”

Fitness-mad Lisa and Stuart were the first to take to the bikes, but even they admitted the going was tough.

When Luke told Stuart he had only completed one mile, Stuart replied “This is hard guys.”

Belinda was equally as concerned as she watched the pair cycling, saying “I can’t go that fast, no way.”

Bex was next up, but soon started complaining the seat of the bike was too high so she couldn’t peddle properly.

Tired of her team’s negativity, Lisa said they might as well “give up now” if everyone was going to be so defeatist.

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