Big Brother Day 41: HM’s Go Continental

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luke.jpgThe housemates have been set a French-themed shopping task.

The contestants – who are currently split into two groups, with those on the Hell side of the house being forced to serve those on the Heaven side – were told to gather in the living room this afternoon (1pm) while Head of House Darnell went to the Diary Room to receive the challenge instructions from Big Brother.

Upon his return, Darnell said to the Hell housemates “You guys got it pretty tough.”

He explained there are four tasks split between the two sides. The heavenly housemates have to master the art of mime, taste wine and learn to appreciate French food.

In contrast, those in Hell have 30 hours in which to cycle 1,040km, the equivalent distance of Paris to Madrid.

Darnell picked Kathreya and Rex for the food task, Rachel and Dale to learn mime and Maysoon and Mohamed to try wine tasting.

However, the contestants immediately started to worry they had already failed as Maysoon does not drink.

Darnell said he would ask Big Brother if he could swap Maysoon and Dale around, but he was cut off by the announcement that the task room was open.

Earlier, the Hell housemates speculated the task would have a French theme after they were woken by French music.

The alarm – which always relates to the shopping task on Tuesdays – caused great confusion until Belinda identified the song, saying “It’s Edith Piaf. She’s French. French revolution? Singing maybe?”

When the housemates in Heaven woke up, chef Rex became convinced the task would be food related.

He said “That song is the soundtrack to the film ‘Chocolat’ and that film is all about food. If it’s a food task, I’m running it.”

Lisa “prayed” for ill ‘Big Brother’ housemate Luke last night.

Former body builder Lisa made the admission during a conversation with Luke and Rebecca this morning, during which bed-ridden Luke claimed he was starting to feel better.

Lisa said:”I was praying for you last night.”

A surprised Luke replied “Was you? It’s worked because I’m feeling 70… no, probably 80 per cent better.”

A relieved Lisa replied “Super. Your face looks normal again.”

Rebecca chimed in “I don’t think his face looks normal.”

Luke agreed, saying:”My eyes are still puffy and the bags are really bad.”

He also claimed he took 12 pills yesterday to ensure he was better in time for his 21st birthday tomorrow.

Clearly aware the suit-loving student was suffering, Big Brother gave him permission to cross the divide – which splits the house into Heaven and Hell, with those of the Hell side being forced to serve the heavenly housemates and bathe in cold water – so he could have a warm shower.

Chatting about the contestants living in Heaven, Luke said “It’ll bug them so much to know I’ve been in Heaven.”

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